Anchor Bay make 1999 a celebration for Argento fans

We have just gotten information on a number of upcoming Anchor Bay releases
on DVD, slated for 1999. As Anchor Bay’s Vice President Of Product Development,
Jay Douglas, mentioned in his Hotseat interview a few weeks ago, the company is
preparing a number of hot titels for release.

Here’s a small list of Argento titles you can expect to see on DVD in the months
to come. Demons and Demons 2 will be coming with commentary tracks,
supposedly around April. An uncut version of Argento’s Phenomena, also
known as Creepers is coming with a new Dolby soundtrack and a commentary
track by the director. Another uncut version is being prepared for
Tenebrae, also known as Unsane. The disc will also contain a
commentary track by Dario Argento himself.

These releases should make some horror fans very happy, as it was hard to
imagine these extremely rare titles would ever see the light of day on DVD,
only a few months ago. So far they were only available as imports, but Anchor
Bay are doing their best to keep horror fans around the world very happy.

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