A closer look at Blade’s menu screens

As we had reported earlier, on December 22, New Line Home Video will release “Blade” as a Platinum Series DVD with enhanced DVD-ROM features. The film stars Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff, Kris Kristofferson and Udo Kier in a fast vampire action flick.
The blockbuster hit “Blade” is based on a comic character about a tortured sould who possesses powers greater than any man or creature of the night.

The DVD will contain the film’s widescreen and a pan&scan transfer, as well as no less than six audio commentaries and four featurettes, apart from many more extras.
As part of the added value, “Blade” will also contain the film’s complete script, with features that will allow the viewer to directly jump the corresponding scene in the movie.

Today we are able to give you a look at some of the disc’s menu screens. Click on the image on the side to get a larger picture of three different screens.

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