Universal Studios start their tenth Hollywood Memorabilia Auction

Universal Studios just opened their tenth Hollywood Memorabilia Auction and once again, people can make their bids over the Internet. This the chance of a lifetime to own original entertainment memorabilia when Universal is putting a number of Halloween themed items along with some of Hollywood’s most prized entertainment memorabilia to the virtual auction “chopping” block.

The auction is now open and can be found at http://www.universalstudios.com. Look for the “Auction” button and make sure to keep track of the bids until the auction closes on Sunday, October 18, at 5:00 p.m. PST.

Opening bids range from $5 to $3,000 for original items from feature films, television shows and items from celebrity personal collections. A portion of the auction’s proceeds will benefit the Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children’s Center of the Motion Picture & Television Fund.

Here now is a list of items that are for sale:

· A life-size (5 feet tall) costume of Cousin Itt from the 1991 Paramount Pictures film, The Addams Family.

· An actual Freddy Krueger Mask and Sweater used by Robert Englund in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series.

· A film-worn lifevest from James Cameron’s Titanic.

· An autographed poster featuring the cast of the 1996 Dimension Films thriller, Scream.

· “Durant’s” cigar box of fingers from Sam Raimi’s 1990 Universal film, Darkman.

· A briefcase used in “Wag the Dog” and a copy of this 1997 topical film.

· Brandon Lee’s moleskin shirt from the 1994 Paramount film, The Crow.

· Fashion frightmaster Liberace’s personal Unocal 76 card.

· A framed personal check from the original master of horror and macabre Vincent Price.

Let’s hope the auction will be as successful as last year when it produced a large donation to the Samuel Goldwyn Foundation Children’s Center (SGFCC), a foundation that believes that children learn through play and hands-on participation.

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