Universal and ILM team up for a new “Frankenstein”

Not exactly DVD related, but still interesting news…

Universal Pictures and special effects wizards “Industrial Light and Magic” have teamed up to create a completely computer generated version of Universal’s horror classic “Frankenstein”. It marks both companies’ first steps into the arena of completely computer animated movies and if everything goes well, the film should hit theaters in the summer of 2000.

Universal denied previous rumors that the film would be a remake of the original 1931 film, but confirmed that Wolfman will indeed appear in the film, albeit in a significantly smaller role as the Frankenstein creature. ILM will use Boris Karloff’s unforgettable likeness with ambitions to create a “digital dramatic picture.”

Taking place in 19th century Eastern Europe, the film follows the eccentric Dr. Pretorious (who was introduced in Universal’s 1935 film “The Bride of Frankenstein”) as he conducts bizarre experiments to improve existing life forms.

Because his research depends on the power of the same electrodes that were at the center of Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments, Pretorious seeks out the sole remaining electrode — which is implanted on the neck of the monster who was supposedly killed in a mill fire 40 years before.

Well, this concept defintely sounds like fun to us…

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