Tom Cruise turned down at Blockbuster Video

We just found this snippet of news and we thought it might give you a laugh, just as it did for us. Enjoy!

Blockbuster chiefs in the U.K. have praised a clerk in a local video store for refusing to rent a video tape to Tom Cruise
because the actor was unable to provide two pieces of identification to receive a rental card. A company spokesman
explained, “We’re delighted that Tom Cruise wants to become a member. But for security and mailing purposes, we need to
know who and where our customers are. There is no special dispensation, even if you are a household name.” A spokesman
for Cruise told the London Daily Mirror that the actor “was not put out by the incident in any way. He understands the rules.”
But a friend of the actor told the London Times, “Tom was a little surprised. After all he is one of the most famous faces in
the world and he’s hardly short of a bob or two. But he understood that rules are rules and have to be obeyed.”

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