Synapse Films announce another cult classic

Synapse Films just announced the 1988 cult film “Deadbeat At Dawn” for release on DVD. No release date has been scheduled however.

“Deadbeat At Dawn” is the first feature film directed by and
starring Jim Van Bebber. Like a comic book homage to the American International gang movies, “Deadbeat At Dawn” works
hard with virtuoso editing, camera work and fight set pieces. It is a gang film located
in the underworld of the American Midwest, where two rival gangs, the Ravens and
the Spiders rule the streets. Goose, the leader of the Ravens, decides on
one final drug deal before leaving the gang and settling down with his
psychic girlfriend. Soon his life crumbles however, when his girlfriends is
brutally clubbed to death by members of the rival gang. It is time for Goose to get back on the streets!

The film will come newly remastered o nthis DVD and contain a number of extra features, such as the controversial short film “My Sweet Satan”, also directed by and starring Van Bebber.
The DVD edition will also contain a new Widescreen Digital Transfer Created from Original A/B Roll Negatives, a full Running Audio Commentary by Actor/Director Jim Van Bebber & Producer
Mike King, Outtakes, Director Filmography, and MORE!

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