More info on the PFE film library on DVD

Immediately after the announcement of MGM taking over the Polygram Film Library earlier this morning,
Ken Cranes Superstore listed two titles from the catalog for release on DVD through
Polygram Home Video. The titles in question are “Princess Bride” and “When Harry Met Sally”.

After talking to both, MGM Home Entertainment and Polygram Home Video, the situation on those titles is still somewhat unclear.
Polygram have indeed plans to release both titles on DVD in January, but depending on the specifics of this morning’s agreement these plans could drastically change if MGM gains the rights to and control over those films before that time.

MGM on the other hand have no plans to release either one of the titles on DVD at this time, as it is obviously too early for them do make any such decisions. So we will actually have to wait and see how the Seagram Company and MGM shape up and sort things out. If things go according to plan, MGM will have access to the film library as early as next summer, but you never know what happens when the Lion starts to roar.

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