Maggie Cheung lands big in Hollywood

Hong Kong superstar Maggies Cheung has landed big time in Hollywood, being signed up for Columbia’s upcoming film “Memoirs Of A Geisha”, directed by Steven Spielberg. For Cheung, who recently starred next to Jeremy Irons in Trimark’s “The Chinese Box”, this step will surely further her already long and successful acting career.
She starred in over 75 films, including highlights such as “The Heroic Trio”, “Irma Vep”, “The Executioners”, “Supercop” and “Police Story I & II” opposite of Jackie Chan. All fans of Hong Kong cinema will certainly be extremely pleased to see that more and more reknowned Hong Kong stars are finally being embraced by Hollywood.

In “Memoirs Of A Geisha” Maggie plays the key role of Mameha, the mentor of a 9-year-old girl sold into slavery in a Kyoto geisha house who grows into a “star” geisha under Mameha’s tutelage in the period leading up to World War II.

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