Hastings Entertainment start carrying DVD rentals

DVD is taking yet another leap towards becoming a mainstream product when Hasting Entertainment’s announced it plans to offer DVD for sale and rental in about 90 percent of its 125 entertainment superstores before the Thanksgiving holidays, with the remaining stores adding the new product line before the post-Christmas rush. The company will also support the introduction of DVD with rental players for costumers to give the new format an easy try in their own home

Initally Hastings will stock approx. 350 titles for sale and 250 titles for rental, priced just as low as their VHS rentals. Five day rental rates for the DVD players will start at $14.99.
For the future, Hastings plans to add an additional 25 to 30 titles to the rental selection, trying to maintain day-date-rentals with VHS, if the studios permit. The Company has also added over
900 DVD titles for sale on its entertainment e-commerce Internet Web site, http://www.hastingsentertainment.com.
Hastings expect sales ansd rentals of DVD movies to grow substantially this Christmas season and into 1999 due to the significantly reduced hardware prices for new DVD players and the much higher number of movies now being released in the DVD format.

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