Columbia Home Video to release Father Christmas

Columbia Home Video today announced a double feature disc containing the animated shortfilms “Father Christmas” and “The Snowman” for release on December 1.

“Father Christmas” tells the story of Santa Claus, whose job isn’t quite as easy as everyone thinks. His preparations for the Big Night are an exhausting, year-round affair and he decides it is time to take a holiday.
Converting his sleigh into a camper, he hitches is to his reindeer and he flies off into th sky for a glove hopping vacation. In France, Scotland and Las Vegas he then experiences some exciting adventures.

“The Snowman” is a delightfully animated film that weaves a spell of magic as you experience winter’s first snowfall through the eyes of a little boy and his first snowman.
One night the snowman comes to life and takes the young boy on a hilarious tour of his otherwise banal home as experienced through the eyes of his freshly fallen friend.
Beautifully animated, the two then go to the North Pole to pay Santa Claus a visit.

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