The Exorcist Special Edition – a look at the cover

We are happy and proud that we are able to actually present you an exclusive early look at the cover of the upcoming Special Edition of Warner’s “The Exorcist”. We thought you might like to know what the 25th Anniversary Special Edition of this extraordinary film will look like. Please click on the picture on the left for a bigger image of the cover.
The disc is currently slated for a release on October 13, including some rare materials that were long considered lost. It will contain an introduction by Academy Award-winning director William Friedkin himself, as well as “The Fear of God: The Making of The Exorcist”, an expanded 75-minute featurette, that is a new documentary produced by the BBC specifically for the film’s 25th anniversary edition, featuring more than 11 minutes of never-before-seen footage – including the infamous spider-walk scene! It also contains new interviews with Friedkin and best-selling author William Peter Blatty, who wrote the novel on which “The Exorcist” is based, as well as new interviews with the film’s stars.

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