Tai Seng pull the stops on their domestic DVD releases

Sad, but true. Currently Tai Seng is working on domestic DVD releases of “Man Wanted” and “Untold Story”, due for release in January 1999 and March 1999 respectively.

Unfortunately these two films will be the last domestic discs Tai Seng is producing in the near future.
Due to rights implications, Tai Seng will refocus completely on importing titles from Hong Kong directly.
While no exact reasons are given at this time, we would assume that the
fact that many publishers of Hong Kong films do not region code their discs,
makes it hard for Tai Seng to recover their costs for domestic films.

Hong Kong movies are gaining strength in the marketplace and in order to avoid
parallel importing of films, Tai Seng would have to release the original,
imported versions before they can set out to publish their own domestic
release of a title. Since the title has then already been sold into the
market it is very hard for Tai Seng to recoup their expenses. On a different note, Tai Seng added that they simply could not get the DVD rights for the films they wanted to release domestically.

The good news is that “Untold Story” will feature commentaries by director
Herman Yau and actor Anthony Wong.

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