More details from the Moon

We have just received a list of special features to be included on he fourth disc of this monumental mini-series, brought to DVD by HBO later this year.

1. HBO’s Docking Station – This is a link to the web site that is only available via the collection/ROM purchase.
2. NASA Mission Patches – (from Mercury to Apollo) with a brief description on the significance of the symbols.
3. 3D Models of the Ships – that can be rotated and looked at from all angles with description, information and objectives.
4. A Virtual Tour of the Solar System – Complete with launch count down and BLAST-OFF! (including an ABORT! button) Learn more about the planets in our solar system including how far away they are from us and what conditions on them might be like.
5. Mission Objectives – Trivia game, get the answers right and get to the moon.
6. Kennedy’s speech – If not the video at least a transcript of the full text of the speech that challenged America to go from the earth to the moon.
7. A time-line of the Conquest of space from both America and Russia
8. NASA stills – a collection they are public domain
9. The History of the Moon – From worshiping moon goddesses and gods to the conquest of space.

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