DTS announced DVD title availability before the end of the year

In a statement issued today by Dan Slusser, the CEO of Digital Theater Systems (DTS),
he addressed the current situation regarding the heavily delayed DTS DVD releases.

After all the delays and problems DTS have faced in the past months since their original announcements, the company is finally under way to get their schedules back on track and expects titles to be available in the marketplace before the end of the year.
Reportedly, Pioneer LDC Japan has already begun shipping their first DTS DVD title, Tenchi Muyo, into the Japanese market, confirming that authoring systems incorporating DTS are definitely working properly.

Image Entertainment is expected to soon announce their first series of DTS DVDs for the North American market, which are on schedule to arrive in retail stores prior to the end of the year.

Digital Versatile Disc Inc., a new content provider who is specializing in DVD software, will also announce November ship dates for their first four DTS-encoded DVD titles, including full-length children’s animation titles.

Universal Home Video is currently preparing an official press release that is supposed to reveal the details of their DTS DVD launch, including titles and ship dates.

Furthermore additional content providers are expected to announce their DTS DVD line-ups during November and December.

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