Clinton testimony for 2 cents

President Clinton’s Grand Jury Testimony will be available for $.02 immediately from Netflix! Sacrificing profits for the public
interest, NetFlix, announces the immediate availability of “President Clinton’s Grand Jury Testimony” on DVD for $.02, plus
shipping and handling, exclusively at its Internet store.

The leading online DVD retailer had originally offered the title to its customers for a $9.95 purchase and $4 rental price, but
decided Tuesday to offer it for sale only at a lower price to encourage public education regarding these history-making
events.“Congress released this material with the intent that it be made available to the widest possible audience,” said Marc B.
Randolph, president and CEO of

“By offering the complete Clinton testimony on DVD for only $.02, we believe we are making it possible for virtually every DVD
owner to easily review this material and form their own opinion. In addition, we believe that the ability of DVD to let a user easily
jump from topic to topic makes the DVD format uniquely suited to reviewing material such as this.”

The four hour testimony is organized into 99 DVD chapters so that viewers can go immediately to a specific topic. Chapters
include: President Clinton’s opening statement, Clinton discusses his definition of a sexual relationship, Clinton attacks the
strategy of Paula Jones’ attorneys, Clinton talks about his relationship with Lewinsky, Clinton denies allegations made by
Kathleen Willey and Clinton’s attorneys argue with prosecutors.

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