Armageddon confirmed!

Buena Vista Home Entertainment have just confirmed that a DVD version of this year’s summer blockbuster Armageddon is in production. Earlier this week reports from the Wall Street Journal indicated that the film would hit the streets day and date on VHS and DVD. Here’s an excerpt from the article “Disney plans to show its faith in the DVD format later this year when it plans to release its summer hit ”Armageddon“ on DVD and video cassette simultaneously.”
We have been able to double-check the information with Buena Vista and it turns out that indeed the production for the Armageddon DVD is currently under way, but a day and date release with the VHS version, which is scheduled for release in November, is unlikely. The DVD version of the film will supposedly be part of Buena Vista’s December or January line-up, depending how progress on the production of the DVD will be made.

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