New information on the upcoming release of “Gone With The Wind”

MGM Home Entertainment and Warner Home Video present “Gone With the Wind” at the lowest price ever. “Gone With the Wind” on DVD premieres October 27 for as low as $19.95, marking the first time the video has been available for less than $89.98.
“Gone With the Wind” was re-released theatrically this summer, receiving great reviews and public acclaim. New generations are discovering and embracing this epic classic. In June, the American Film Institute’s Top 100 survey named “Gone With the Wind” one of the top five greatest American movies of all time.“Gone With the Wind,” winner of 10 Academy Awards, has thrilled audiences with the depiction of Scarlett, the sassy, headstrong heroine who vowed to persevere, and persevere she did. The new video release has been digitally remastered and restored to its classic Technicolor brilliance. The technological enhancements and digitally remastered sound results in a video far superior to previous releases. In addition, nearly 13 minutes of film, thought to have been irreparably damaged, have been digitally restored. The focus and resolution are sharper, bringing even the smallest detail to life. Old meets new as the classic becomes available for the first time on DVD. The DVD features two soundtrack options: a newly created digital surround sound and the original soundtrack. Presented in its original, standard theatrical format, the DVD includes English and French subtitles. This time-honored classic will be even more appealing to filmbuffs with the addition of the original theatrical trailer. “Imagine being able to watch the same movie trailer your grandparents saw in theaters, 60 years ago,” said Thomas F. Lesinski, senior vice president worldwide marketing and development, Warner Home Video. “The advanced technology of DVD allows us to showcase thispiece of movie history and preserve it for generations to come.”For people looking to brush up on their “Gone With the Wind” knowledge, there is also an eight-page booklet with production notes and a look behind the scenes at the filming of “Gone With the Wind” included with each DVD.
“Gone With the Wind” has a 235-minute running time, an MPAA “G” rating and is priced as low as $19.95.

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