Netflix kick off a year of celebration in honor of Alfred Hitchcock

To honor Alfred Hitchcock on what would have been his 99th birthday, Netflix will unveil the “Ultimate Guide To Hitchcock On DVD” at on August 13. They will create a dedicated area on their website including an article by Dan Auiler, Hitchcock historian and bestselling author of “Vertigo: The Making Of A Hitchcock Classic”, and extensive information on the exclusie DVD aspects of Hitchcock films, such as behind-the-scenes footage, original trailers and director’s cuts.
10 Hitchcock films will be immediately available for rent or purchase on DVD, including “Murder”, “Number 17”, “The Man Who Knew Too Much”, “Sabotage”, “The Secret Agent”, “The Lady Vanishes”, “Bon Voyage”, “Strangers On A Train”, “Vertigo”, and “Psycho”. “The 39 Steps” will also make its debut on August 18.

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