Lost In Space contains extensive DVD-ROM features

New Line Home Video have just released additional information about their upcoming release of Lost In Space. Although the films is playable on both, DVD Video players and PC based DVD-ROMs, New Line align themselves with InterActual Technologies to create extensive material specifically designed to maximize the PC experience. The Lost In Space DVD will contain content exclusive to the DVD-ROM market such as interactive games, the entire original screenplay, Internet connection plus links to exciting web sites. With the integration of spectacular DVD-ROM features, viewers can engage in an interactive experience that takes movie viewing to new heights.
“New Line Home Video is proud to be the first studio to fully target both the home entertainment DVD user as well as the PC DVD-ROM user. Never before has a Hollywood studio provided consumers with a DVD that fully exploits the benefits of both DVD and DVD-ROM,” said Michael Karaffa, executive vice president of New Line Home Video. “The phenomenal special effects and the broad appeal of this film, from kids to fans of the original television series, make Lost In Space the ideal title to launch us into the DVD-ROM marketplace.”
“Lost In Space represents the beginning of a new generation of DVD entertainment that is specifically enhanced for the personal computer market, “ adds Todd Collart, President of InterActual Technologies, Inc. “New Line Home Video has not only created the most sophisticated DVD to date, but has strategically tapped into the exploding market of DVD-enabled computers which is expected to reach over 40 million users by the end of 1999.”
The DVD-ROM experience allows the viewer to watch the film with all its supplements, such as deleted scenes and commentary tracks. It also allows vierwers to read the entire original screenplay. Users can print the entire screenplay, print a specific scene, or can be directly launched to the corresponding movie scene by simply clicking on the page. An entertaining section of the DVD-ROM transports viewers to games, movie trivia and other interactive content. DVD-ROM users can design a planet for The Robinson family, learn science fiction facts, read Penny’s thoughts on life as a teenager, play a virtual reality based game and much more. The Hypergate is designed for broad appeal to viewers of all ages. In addition to the above options, the main page of the DVD provides Internet links to all of New Line’s coolest sites including www.dangerwillrobinson.com.

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