New Image titles announced

Image Entertainment have just unveiled their September line-up of DVD releases, including many, many anime films, such as Babel 2, Crimson Wolf, Lupin III and Project A-Ko. Their impressive lineup also contains classic movies, such as Criterion releases of Summertime, starring Katherine Hepburn, and Akira Kurosawa’s High and Low, starring the late Toshiro Mifune. Also on their list is David Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers, featuring an audio commentary track by David Cronenberg, Jeremy Irons, editor Ronald Sanders, production designer Carol Spier, and Peter Suschitzky. Finally a number of horror films, like Evil Ed, Grim, and Shivers are also part of Image’s line-up. The highlight of the selection is without a doubt a Criterion release of Sid & Nancy, featuring a commentary track by stars Gary Oldman, Chloe Webb, screenwriter Abbe Wool, cultural historian Greil Marcus, filmmakers Julien Temple and Lech Kowalski and musician Elliot Kidd. Exact release dates are yet to be announced, but we will keep you posted. Please check out our announcement section for a full list of the titles, lined up by Image.

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