Toshiba include Spatializer technology

Spatializer Audio Laboratories Inc., a leading provider of next-generation audio technologies, announced today the integration of Spatializer N-2-2 multi-channel virtualization technology in Toshiba’s third-generation line of advanced home theater DVD players.
This implementation marks Toshiba’s second license of Spatializer’s technology and the incorporation of Spatializer’s advanced virtual audio technology in its consumer product line. The N-2-2 technology will be adopted in Toshiba’s DVD product line-up including the Platinum Standard SD7108 DVD-Video Player as well as the SD3108, SD2108 and SD2008 DVD players.
“Spatializer’s innovative multi-channel virtualization incorporated in our new DVD players will allow us to further extend Toshiba’s product line by offering consumers multi-speaker audio solutions from just two speakers. N-2-2 is incorporated in our DVD player offerings this year — from our top-of-the-line Platinum Standard SD7108 model to our entry-level SD2008,” said Craig Eggers, director of product planning, Toshiba America Consumer Products.
“In combining Spatializer’s audio technology with our ColorStream and ColorStream PRO video output, Toshiba delivers products today that are ready for tomorrow.”

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