Toshiba hook up with CD PlayRight

Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. today announced a co-promotion with CD PlayRight that will provide all purchasers of Toshiba DVD-Video players with coupons good for $5.00 off the price of CD PlayRight’s patented “Trio For DVD,” DVD disc main- tenance kit. The specially developed maintenance kit, which retails for $29.47, is designed to protect and restore DVD discs. The CD PlayRight Trio For DVD kit consists of three elements, a 4-ounce spray bottle of Quick Clean/Quick Shield for everyday
cleaning and protection of DVD discs surfaces, a patented DVD Repair Kit to resurface scratched areas on DVD discs and restore them to their original play quality,* and a carton of 100 DVD Quick Wipes to clean dust and fingerprints from the surface of discs. In addition to the Trio For DVD kit, Toshiba DVD purchasers will also receive an owner’s guide that explains proper care and maintenance of their DVD video discs.
“There’s been a considerable amount of concern among retailers and consumers about DVD disc scratches and the effect they may have on performance,” noted Toshiba Vice President of Marketing Steve Nickerson. “We believe that CD PlayRight’s maintenance kit is an effective solution to this problem. Not only does the kit allow consumers to maintain their DVD discs in optimum playing condition with regular cleaning and dust removal, but testing by independent laboratories, as well as by several of the largest disc replicators in the U.S. has proven the effectiveness of the CD PlayRight system in actually restoring the error rates of scratched DVD discs to their original condition.
As the DVD-Video format continues to gain mainstream popularity, CD PlayRight will be a valuable asset for both DVD collectors and renters.”

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