Toshiba announce first progressive scan DVD player

Toshiba is extending their range of DVD players with their Platinum Standard SD7108. This new player will contain a DTS decoder as well as full prograssive scan capabilities. Every DVD-Video disc is mastered in MPEG-2 progressive scan (480P). But until now, DVD-Video players have had to re-format the progressive scan signal into an interlaced NTSC image for display on conventional TV sets. This process entails an inevitable loss in image quality, inherent to the interlaced NTSC system.
By preserving DVD’s progressive scan image, the ColorStream PRO connection provides a flicker-free image, with virtually no visible NTSC line structure or motion artifacts, and offers better temporal and vertical resolution. The difference is immediately visible, especially when seen on a large-screen projection television. Further complementing its ColorStream PRO technology, Toshiba’s Platinum Standard SD7108 DVD-Video player features automatic 3:2 pull-down compensation, a film-recognition mode that displays 24-frame film sources as a high-resolution 60-frame progressively scanned video signal. The Platinum Standard SD7108 is truly the world’s first DVD player fully prepared for the DTV era.
To complement the players capabilities, Toshiba also includes this ColorStream PRO progressive scan inputs on three new projection TVs: the Cinema Series 71-inch TP71H95 and 61-inch TP61H95, as well as the TheaterWide 65-inch Model TW65H80.

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