Star Wars SE sighted!!

Did the question if the Star Wars trilogy will ever make it to DVD bother you, too, for the past months? Well, it did bother us and all of a suddenly a spark appeared last week that supported our previous understanding of Fox’s attitude towards DVD.
We have just returned from an exciting business trip to Atlanta, visiting the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) where we have been able to dig up some exciting piece of information that we would like to share with you here. After some extensive discussion of the state of the DVD format, a friend of ours, close to George Lucas, has finally revealed a little secret. A secret we all have been dying to hear. “Star Wars SE” exists on DVD!
According to our source, fully produced keepcase versions of these discs have obviously been given out by Lucas as Christmas presents last year to many of the company’s executives.
So, what does that lead us to? Since there exists a fully produced, encoded and authored DVD version of the movies – probably even carrying Lucas’ proprietary THX seal of approval – it suggests itself that these discs will most likely be found on Fox’s release schedules as soon as they finally announce their DVD support.
Unfortunately Fox still have the final call whether or when they want to release “Star Wars SE” on DVD to the public. For now, it is an inspiring glimpse in one of the industry’s best kept secrets. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for now and stay tuned to see when Fox will make up their mind at last. I will definitely let you know when anything new pop us. Until then, many thanks to our source, an avid reader of our pages by the way, for this valuable information.

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