Paramount is in!

Isn’t it funny? Only yesterday I published my commentary on Fox’s and Paramount’s hold-out on the DVD platform and imagine what comes in first things this morning? A press-release from Paramount stating that they have finally committed to DVD. Yes folks, for sale you read that right.
Paramount is releasing DVD titles and while their PR department has not been able to comment on any release dates or title announcemnts to us at this point, site it probably won’t take long for them to come up with some lists that will take our breath away. This is a great day for the DVD community! All of us have waited for this moment for a very long time and I am happy that my feelings have been right all the way. It wasn’t a matter if, it was a matter when.
Now remains only Fox to join and I am sure it won’t take them very long to make their own announcement.

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