Anchor Bay announce new titles

Anchor Bay have just released information on their forthcoming slate of June and July releases… and especially their July line-up should make every horror fan drool. So, where do we start then? As we have announced at an earlier date already, Dracula, Prince Of Darkness is coming to DVD in a Special Edition, including a commentary track by Christopher Lee and Barbara Shelley. Like all the following titles it is slated for a July 28 release.
Also coming as a Special Editions is another Hammer classic, Quatermass And The Pit. Satanic Rites Of Dracula is another title on the list and so is a double feature on one disc, containing Night Stalker and Night Strangler. The absolute highlights are Anchor Bay’s announcement of Evil Dead 2 however, and the DVD release of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie on May 30. I know many, many horror fans have been waiting for these movies – me included – and I can’t wait to see them on DVD. For a list of the June releases please take look at our release schedule where all of them are listed.

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