Noah Emmerich

Super 8

November 22, 2011 // 0 Comments

With the name Steven Spielberg screaming at you first thing on the front of the Blu-Ray cover of "Super 8" you expect big things – naturally. I was really excited to give the film a look, as I had not been able to catch it in theaters. [...]


October 10, 2000 // 0 Comments

"Frequency, " the name is rather non-descript for a movie that is filled elements that create such a racy experience that it does. Filled with elements of time travel, taking it a bit into science fiction territory, "Frequency" is [...]


April 26, 2000 // 0 Comments

From year to year, it seems to get more difficult to decide which films are "Oscar-caliber" and which aren’t. At first glance, I wouldn’t have considered the hard-edged "Tumbleweeds" the kind of film that the Academy would embrace. [...]