Mary Steenburgen

What's Eating Gilbert Grape: Collector's Edition

July 3, 2006 // 0 Comments

Swedish director Lasse Hallström's film version of "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" was an unconventional project, to say the least, that was met with mixed critical reactions and low box office during its release in the summer of [...]


November 17, 2004 // 0 Comments

There are three types of Elves. Those who make shoes, those who make cookies in a tree, and then there are the special elves who work all year round making toys for all the good girls and boys. But on one particular Christmas Eve while Santa (Ed Asner) [...]

The Butcher’s Wife

November 30, 2001 // 0 Comments

’The Butcher’s Wife’ is a charming and heartfelt story of a young clairvoyant woman (Demi Moore), who is transplanted from the countryside to the Big Apple as she marries a Greenwich Village butcher. There her life changes and quickly her psychic [...]