Marty Feldman

Young Frankenstein

October 22, 2008 // 0 Comments

One of the funniest films ever made and clearly Mel Brooks' crown jewel, "Young Frankenstein" has made it to Blu-Ray Disc just in time for Halloween. The splendid homage to the classic horror films of the 30s and 40s, arrives in a [...]

The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother

March 30, 2006 // 0 Comments

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is on a roll currently, releasing a good batch of Mel Brooks film on DVD, finally, and in the wake of it, also bringing us the films of one of Brooks' closest collaborators, Gene Wilder. Here we have the 1975 [...]

Young Frankenstein

December 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

It has taken a long time but finally the day is here. The 20th Century Fox fanfare has finally trumpeted out of our DVD review system. It has taken more than 18 months since the official launch of DVD as the new home video platform, but Fox have finally [...]