Johnny Knoxville

The heat is on in “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” in December

October 1, 2014 // 0 Comments

Paramount Home Entertainment has just unveiled details about the upcoming release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, bringing the blockbuster animated movie to Blu-Ray Disc and DVD in December. In this eye-popping reimagining of the legendary heroes in a [...]

Jackass 3

March 17, 2011 // 0 Comments

'The Godfather'. 'Lord of The Rings'. 'Toy Story'. These are just a few examples of trilogies that have provided a memorable arc of storytelling and defined how great a trio of films can be. On October 15, 2010, [...]

Jackass 2.5: Unrated

December 28, 2007 // 0 Comments

How do you review a DVD that is literally filled with nothing but extra material? I'm going to do my best here. After years of making viewers cringe with the dangerous and disgusting antics of their MTV show and two feature films, the boys of [...]

Jackass: The Movie – Unrated

September 5, 2006 // 0 Comments

In what is probably the closest mainstream American entertainment has come to a contemporary geek show, the MTV series "Jackass" (2000-2002) televised the dangerous, shocking, and typically gross stunts pulled by a group of hyperactive idiots. [...]

The Ringer

May 11, 2006 // 0 Comments

Johnny Knoxville portrays Steve Barker, a placid company drone (his athletic and acting days long behind him) who wishes for career advancement. His boss eventually relents and gives Steve a job firing people. Being the good guy he is, Steve struggles [...]

The Dukes Of Hazzard

March 27, 2006 // 0 Comments

It seems as though there has been a trend in Hollywood over the past few years where movies based on TV shows either have been made, or are definitely in the works. "Charlie's Angels, " "Starsky and Hutch, " "Scooby [...]

Lords Of Dogtown

October 3, 2005 // 0 Comments

"Lords of Dogtown" is the film inspired by the true story of young skateboarding sensations, the Z Boys, as they took the sport to new heights during the mid 70's in Venice, California (a.k.a. "Dogtown"). As skateboarding begins [...]

A Dirty Shame

June 16, 2005 // 0 Comments

When a grumpy and repressed convenience store worker named Sylvia Stickles, played by Tracey Ullman, has a freak accident causing her to experience a minor concussion, her personality is altered in a very peculiar way. Rushing to her aid is sexy tow truck [...]

Walking Tall

September 1, 2004 // 0 Comments

Based on the real-life exploits of Sheriff Buford Pusser, The Rock stars in a remake of the popular 1973 original. Upon arriving home to work at the local wood mill, U.S Army Special Forces Chris Vaughn finds that his home town is very different from that [...]