Out Of Sight

January 23, 1999 // 0 Comments

"Out Of Sight" is an engaging film that nicely blends various elements from different genres like thrillers, dramas and romances, and as a result creates an appealing mix of emotions, visuals and plenty of tension. The film explores a feeling we [...]

From The Earth To The Moon

January 10, 1999 // 0 Comments

"From The Earth To The Moon" is a 12-hour long TV miniseries that was initiated and produced by Tom Hanks for HBO. After its broadcasting it was immediately obvious that this series was an outstanding effort in recounting the events that were [...]

Reap The Wild Wind

December 12, 1998 // 0 Comments

The folks over at Universal Home Video have dug deep into their film vault and come up with a great Technicolor classic for release on DVD. As the market matures, more and more publishers will decide to release more of the material that is suited for [...]

Alexander Nevsky / Ivan The Terrible

December 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

Much of the cinematic vocabulary which we take for granted was once considered radical and new. In the early days of movie making, directors like DW Griffith and Sergei Eisenstein put a great deal of thought and effort into using cinema in ways no other [...]

City Of Angels

November 8, 1998 // 0 Comments

It’s hard enough to find truly stylish romantic movies these days, and it is even harder to find and experience romance in our busy real lives. "City of Angels" will resurrect that "true romantic" feeling deep inside you. The film [...]

Dances With Wolves

November 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

Civil wars are often the saddest points in history of any nation, as they are always a result of intolerance, disrespect, and greed. Writer Michael Blake and director/actor Kevin Costner took this sad scenario as the background for the story of [...]

The Man In The Iron Mask

September 15, 1998 // 0 Comments

Hollywood once was synonymous with spectacular adventure movies, filled with heroic characters, breath-taking stunts, exotic sceneries, atmospheric settings, and stunning costumes. The actors were high-profile icons and their entertaining swashbuckling [...]

The Bride With White Hair

July 11, 1998 // 0 Comments

After only four titles, Tai Seng’s domestic releases have established themselves as outstanding films that are released as excellent DVD discs. It makes Tai Seng the most important publisher of Hong Kong movies in the US, and, indeed, worldwide, as [...]

Red Corner

July 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

Richard Gere has been an long-time activist and outspoken opponent of the Red Chinese intrusion and oppression of foreign territories, especially in Tibet. Being a celebrity has helped him direct more public attention to the problems and the schemes of [...]

Seven Years In Tibet

June 2, 1998 // 0 Comments

Epic pictures, well-drawn characters, a colorful production design, and a moving story about war, peace, love and hate; these are the elements of "Seven Years In Tibet", a grandiose expedition into the realms of the Himalayas, the story of a man [...]
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