The Marine

February 22, 2007 // 0 Comments

"Cops! I hate cops! Well… that and rock candy." If you're a fan of sarcasm, I hope you enjoy the following, opening line: Luckily, moviegoers with an affinity for Oscar excellence will rejoice to discover that the WWE has brought their [...]

Babel (Blu-ray)

February 21, 2007 // 0 Comments

"Kill me… but save my brother. He did nothing… nothing! Save my brother… he did nothing." As we've stretched to the heavens to learn more about the world around us, human society has never seemed more immense than it does in the 21st [...]

World Trade Center

February 16, 2007 // 0 Comments

"We prepared for everything. Not for this. Not for something this size." I'll skip the political commentary and sum up my initial thoughts with this: everyone remembers where they were on September 11th. Most of you probably remember where [...]

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

February 15, 2007 // 0 Comments

"The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope… because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life… maybe we can too." When "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" was released in [...]


February 14, 2007 // 0 Comments

"Protect the code…" No one can argue that World War II defined a generation. It was the last war with American involvement that wasn't ravaged by criticism… the enemy was evil, our responsibility was clear, and men were willing [...]

Employee of the Month

February 12, 2007 // 0 Comments

"He's the alpha male of the store. Chicks always go after the alpha male… they're like lions, kings of the desert. And you? You're just a little, tiny fieldmouse dangling in the teeth of the lion while he's banging your [...]


February 9, 2007 // 0 Comments

"Don't talk to him like that! My boyfriend kills people!" Drivel: it's a word you don't hear very often, but try saying it… it rolls right off the tongue. Drivel. Besides being all but forgotten in the English language, [...]

Black Rain

February 7, 2007 // 0 Comments

"Theft is theft. There is no gray area." Ah… the eighties. I came in on the front end of this decadent, cheese-filled era at the ripe, old age of two and checked into the nineties when I was nearly twelve. I remember being fascinated by the [...]

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

February 6, 2007 // 0 Comments

"I hope you have sons… beautiful, handsome boys… articulate, educated, and athletic. And I hope they have their legs taken from them so you can know what this pain is like!" Will Ferrell can look at the camera and say anything. Anything [...]

Underworld: Evolution

February 5, 2007 // 0 Comments

"We are oddities of nature… humanity has no place for people such as us." When word of the first "Underworld" came out in 2002, I went through the roof. For years, my friends and I had been talking about the need for a hard edged [...]
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