Articles by T. Liam MacDonald


February 1, 1999 // 0 Comments

"Godzilla" got a bum rap. The movie, that is, not the monster. Any large mutant lizard that regularly stomps densly populated urban areas deserves a little bad PR. I’m talking about the mega-budget Roland Emmerich/Dean Devlin feature from last [...]

Alexander Nevsky / Ivan The Terrible

December 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

Much of the cinematic vocabulary which we take for granted was once considered radical and new. In the early days of movie making, directors like DW Griffith and Sergei Eisenstein put a great deal of thought and effort into using cinema in ways no other [...]

Treasures Of The Twilight Zone

November 1, 1998 // 0 Comments

There’s an interesting moment in the interview with Rod Serling on this new disk from Panasonic. Mike Wallace is talking with Serling about his "upcoming" TV show, "The Twilight Zone". By this time, Serling was already established as [...]

Dracula – Prince Of Darkness

October 26, 1998 // 0 Comments

"Dracula: Prince of Darkness" is commonly held in pretty low-esteem by fans of the classic Hammer series starring Christopher Lee. Watching it again on this pristine reissue by Anchor Bay makes it clear that this is a wholly unfair judgement. [...]