Short Circuit 2

Short Circuit 2 (1988)
Image Entertainment
Cast: Fisher Stevens, Michael McKean, Cynthia Gibb

After his antics in the original film "Short Circuit, " the lovable robot number five – Johnny Five that is – is back for more in the sequel "Short Circuit 2." Image Entertainment has acquired the rights for the film from Sony Pictures and has now released a Blu-Ray version of the movie for fans to enjoy. I decided to take a look.

In this story, Johnny Five is leaving his suburbian idyll behind and takes to the heart of the big city. Trying to blend in with society, Johnny Five quickly turns everything and everyone around himself upside down and goes on a hilarious rampage that ultimately helps make the city a little bit safer… or unsafer, depending on your personal point of view.

It is nice to see how the filmmakers decided to spin the tale of Johnny Five further, giving a new edge while keeping his lovable character as such in place. With Steve Guttenberg no longer part of the project it fell to Fisher Stevens to carry the human burden of the film for the most part but ultimately it is Johnny's antics and naivety that drive the story.

The Blu-Ray version features a 080p high definition transfer in the movie's original 1.85:1 widescreen aspect ratio. Coming straight form the Sony vaults, no doubt, the transfer is generally good-looking and clean. The level of detail is generally good and holds definition very well. Some slight grain is evident in occasional shots, but for the most part, the images is very stable and free of any blemishes or other distractions. Colors are strong and well delineated, creating a very pleasing and natural-looking image throughout.

The release features an uncompressed PCM stereo track of the movie. No other language or audio tracks are provided. The track essentially restores the original theatrical experience of the film and is accordingly pleasing. Dialogues are well-integrated and are never drowned out by the music of the sound effects, remaining distinguishable at all times. The presentation is dynamic with a good frequency response, creating a sonic image that sounds natural and has a good – albeit unexaggerated – bass extension and clear high ends.

No bonus materials are included on the release, unfortunately, not even the 3-minute promo featurette with cast interviews that was included on the DVD version.

Not quite as good as the original, 'Short Circuit 2' still has its strengths. It is a worthy sequel that tries to take the premise one step further. Sadly the lack of Steve Guttenberg in the cast is evident, though. Johnny Five is nicely coming back to life in this film, making his antics more daring and adventurous than in the first film.