Beverly Hills Cop

Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
Paramount Home Video
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Bronson Pinchot
Extras: Commentary Track, Featurettes, Location Map, Trailer

After leaving Saturday Night Live, Eddie Murphy became a comedy phenomenon who had the world lying at his feet. Smart, witty, fast-talking and outrageous he managed to hit the right note with audiences all over the globe and one of his true career highlights was "Beverly Hills Cop," a movie produced by none other than Jerry Bruckheimer.

Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) is a Detroit undercover cop who has serious issues with authority and constantly runs into issues with his superiors despite the good work he does. One day a friend of his comes for a visit from California and is promptly killed on Axel's doorstep. Determined to find out who killed his buddy, Axel takes a leave and visits sunny Beverly Hills to put his nose to the ground and find out who may have had an interest in seeing his friend dead.

It doesn't take long for Axel to have a run in with the Beverly Hills Police Department but strange as it may seem, he actually finds friends in detective Taggart (John Ashton) and Rosebud (Judge Reinhold) who have been assigned to keep an eye on him.

"Beverly Hills Cop" began a new era of buddy flicks, a genre that had been slumbering at that time. But with Eddie Murphy's hilarious antics and the chemistry between him and the other players in the movie, it was inevitable for other filmmakers to take note.

I was surprised to see that the film has aged surprisingly well, actually. The imagery is full-on 80s dated, of course, but other than that, the story, the characters and the humor is every bit as poignant as it was almost 30 years ago. It is a nice reminder, just how funny Eddie Murphy was during his heydays. Another wonderful highlight was the appearance of a young Damon Wayans in a small bit part, complete with hair! I had completely forgotten about that, just as I had forgotten, how much coolness the film exuded. So, when it was all said and done, I had a blast revisiting "Beverly Hills Cop" on this Blu-Ray.

Paramount Home Entertainment has prepared a new 1080p high definition transfer for the movie that is without flaws or problems. There are no blemishes in the print and the images is rich and detailed throughout. A handful of shots exhibit noticeable grain but it is never distracting or displeasing, simply adding to the sometimes gritty look of the movie. Black levels are rock solid, rendering the image with good depth and shadows. Edges are finely delineated and complemented by wonderful details and textures.

A DTS 5.1 HD Master Audio track supports the release and it is engaging and dynamic at all times. Harold Faltermeyer's iconic music comes through powerfully with a low bass extension and clear high ends. The "Axel F" theme or "The Heat is on" have never sounded better!

Among the extras on the release you will find a commentary track by director Martin Brest, in which he discusses the making of the movie in a bit more detail.

Also included are a number of featurettes covering the casting, the success of the movie and the sequels it spawned, as well as the music that drove the film into pop superdom. The trailer and a location map round out the disc.

"Beverly Hills Cop" is every bit as funny as I remembered it. This Blu-Ray version gives you the chance to experience the film in unparalleled quality, giving you a front row seat in one of the best action comedies of the 80s. Don't miss the fun!