Scary Movie 4

Scary Movie 4 (2006)
Genius Products
Cast: No one of consequence
Extras: Commentary Track, Deleted Scenes, Bloopers, Featurettes

What started off with a great original horror comedy in 2000 has since become one of the most disappointing genre franchises with each subsequent installment of the "Scary Movie" series becoming weaker and weaker. With David Zucker directing this new installment, I did expect an improvement in the series. Big mistake!

"Scary Movie 4" is trying to string up cinema moments from past year's greatest horror films and mocking them by turning them upside down. Sadly the filmmakers seem to have overlooked the little fact that "idiotic" is not the same as "funny." There was a lot of potential in ridiculing some of the great movie moments of the past but the writers have clearly no hold on what is funny and what is not, turning "Scary Movie 4" into an unwatchable turd that won't make you laugh even for a split-second. It will make you groan, yes, because the ineptitude is truly painful to watch.

When a movie is using Shaquille O'Neal and Dr. Phil as cast members you know it is in trouble, especially in a comedy. Comedy depends on perfect timing and delivery. Now, Shaq has never learnt to properly articulate himself and Dr. Phil is not much of an actor, missing his queues by seconds. Not funny. Then we have a bunch of homies trying to make fun of "War Of The Worlds" and "Cold Mountain" by delivering dialogue in a way that would have made a coat hanger proud but isn't funny. Then we have a truly sad gag with the camera that pans past the actress who, in outrage, jumps right back into the picture. Woohoohoo… haven't laughed so hard in years. Not!

"Scary Movie 4" is an embarrassment for all filmmakers and should have been buried somewhere and never let lose on mankind.

Genius Products is bringing this turd to DVD in widescreen and as expected, the image it self is fine, with solid colors and a good level of detail. The DVD even contains extras, like deleted scenes, which actually made me laugh, because I think the entire movie should have been one big deleted scene. Bloopers are included also as well as some featurettes and other absolutely unfunny supposedly-funny featurettes and interviews. And never mind the commentary track…

"Scary Movie 4" is just about as bad and low as films get. There is not a single funny moment to be found here and I don't even know where they found the actors in this bomb. Criminey, I'm running out of words to describe this stinker. This must have been the worst film I saw in years, seriously, so don't even think about wasting your money on it.