Caroline Rhea: One Night Stand

Caroline Rhea: One Night Stand (2005)
HBO Home Video
Cast: Caroline Rhea
Extras: Featurette

HBO's "One Night Stand" series debuted in the late 80s and ran through the early 90s. It was known for launching the careers of such comedians as Bill Mahr and Ellen DeGeneres. HBO revived the series in 2005, and in this special, we have, HBO presents: Comedienne Caroline Rhea in, "One Night Stand."

Caroline Rhea, best known as "Aunt Hilda," in the popular "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," TV show, as well as being the host of, "The Biggest Loser," appears here in a 30-minute special taped by HBO in 2005.

For the most part, Rhea is a likeable (if somewhat annoying) stand up comedy lady. She offers her observations on life, love, parents, and her relationship with her boyfriend. She's not really the edgy type of comedian I look for in stand up, but she does have a following. Most of her act is "vanilla," but gets a little "too much info" for us when she starts on her relationship with her boyfriend.

She gripes about him being too sensitive – It made me wonder, what exactly are women looking for? If they arent complaining about their men being louts and IN-sensitive, we get the flip side of the coin and hear them whine about them being overly sensitive – geez.

Some of Carolines' routine is okay, I guess – like when she talks about the differences between New Yorkers and those from the South. Most of the jokes fell flat for me however – an example is when she states upon first arriving in New York, she saw a sign that stated, "No Standing." Rhea says she took it literal and began crouching in the middle of the sidewalk – har-dee-har-har…

HBO debuts, "Caroline Rhea: One Night Stand," in a full frame, 1.33:1 format. The image is better than broadcast quality with bright colors and decent black levels. Flesh tones are natural.

The audio track is via 2.0 Dolby Digital. Sound was clean, distinct and distortion free.

There is a featurette included also, in which Rhea offers up a friendly interview.

Unoffensive, unassuming, and a chuckle here and there, is about all this particular series has to offer. If you're a fan of Caroline Rhea, go for it.