Yucko The Clown In The Damn Show

Yucko The Clown In The Damn Show (2005)
Magnet Releasing
Extras: Lucnh With Yucko, Bloopers, Biographies

If you thought ’Homey The Clown’ was a badass, you may want to reconsider that after seeing Studioworks’ recent release ’Yucko The Clown In The Damn Show.’ Completely uncensored, this is a 90-minute presentation of the filthiest – and potentially dumbest – mouth east, west and north of the Mississippi. Seriously, this is not for the fain of heart and not for those easily offended, as Yucko The Clown is all over the map with his tirades ranting on about all and everybody. So much in fact that it feels completely pointless and seems to serve purely to create controversy and offend enough people to grab the headlines.

This DVD is filled with 30 skits, cartoons and pranks making sure every fan of the show will find something here. Even a number of bonus materials are provided in the for of ’Lunch With Yucko,’ biographies, bloopers and more.

Presented in fullscreen, the DVD presents an image that is of mixed quality. It is never spectacular as the video-produced segments are a bit fuzzy and lack real definition throughout. Black levels are also weak, creating an image that is watchable but completely unspectacular.

The audio comes as a Dolby Stereo track that’s also of varying quality. Being recorded live on the streets among the people in many instances, you couldn’t ask for more, though, as the audio is always understandable and most free of distortion.

As you can gather by now, I am not a fan of this type of filth programming, Sure there were a few laughs in there, but for the most part I simply found it dumb and pointless. The show is totally juvenile, of course, with virtually every joke and prank aiming below the waistline. I’m also not entirely sure what’s funny about constantly insulting people, but I guess the show’s target audience truly appreciates the fact of having this release on DVD, superfluous as it may be. For $20 you REALLY need to be a fan for this sort of programming.