Kathy Griffin: Allegedly

Kathy Griffin: Allegedly (2004)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cast: Kathy Griffin
Extras: Kathy’s Home Movies

Is it comedy or is it not? This question nagged at me while I was watching Kathy Griffin’s stand-up stunt ’Allegedly’ recently. Don’t get me wrong. Her performance is funny as Hell, but is it really comedy in the sense we would initially expect? Probably not, but it is funny. In her well-known loudmouth manner, Kathy is all over the map, ripping into friends, enemies and people in general. It is outrageous sometimes, hilarious at others and always right in your face. Kathy is a bundle of energy that virtually explodes in front of your eyes as she’s dishing out her side of the stories she’s telling.

Anchor Bay has been putting Kathy’s furious antics on DVD in its original fullframe format. The presentation is good with a well-defined image that holds good detail and is free of blemishes or defects. Colors are natural and black levels are solid. The original stereo track of the performance is included on the DVD making for a solid presentation.

Also included on the DVD are Kathy’s Home Movies, which hare another romp of their own, just as you’d expect from her.

As I said, ’Allegedly’ is funny as Hell and very direct. It is former ’Suddenly Susan’ star Kathy Griffin at her best, just the way we want o see her. Loud, fast, furious and out of control. Oh, and did I mention, that she’s funny?