Thomas & Friends: Thomas and the Jet Engine

Thomas & Friends: Thomas and the Jet Engine (2004)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Cast: Thomas The Tank Engine, Salty, Gordon, Harold, Bulgy, Percy
Extras: Games, Photo Gallery, Sing-Along

I hadn’t seen some of the more recent ’Thomas & Friends’ DVD release from Anchor Bay for a while so I thought I’d check in to see how the series has developed and with great joy I immediately noticed an improved quality on the DVD ’Thomas And The Jet Engine.’ Previous DVDs in the series often seriously lacked image detail, had a grainy picture and washed out colors throughout. While the DVD were always watchable, I always thought they coulddefinitely been improved upon.

With ’Thomas And The Jet Engine’ I see that indeed, things have been improved upon. The mage is clear and clean and the transfer shows a much better level of definition than ever. Colors are bold and stable, never bleeding, and they are not nearly as washed out as in previous releases, making Thomas’ world on the Island of Sodor even more fun to watch.

Six episodes are included on the DVD, narrated by Alec Baldwin. Once again they teach children the importance of friendship, trust and respect in a world consisting mostly of little toy train engines. The production of the episodes is very well done, as always, and even entertaining for adults, watching Thomas blast by Gordon with the help of a jet engine, Percy being scared of ghosts, or Salty playing lighthouse among other things.

As with all other ’Thomas & Friends’ DVDs, this releases comes with a series of games, a photo gallery and sing-along songs.

You can’t go wrong with ’Thomas & Friends.’ Kids love the little engines and will play back whole episodes using their own toy trains, and I am glad to see that Anchor Bay has begun improving the quality of the releases by creating better video transfers.