Star Trek Voyager: Season 2

Star Trek Voyager: Season 2 (1995)
Paramount Home Video
Extras: Various Featurettes, Photo Gallery, Promo Spot

While I do follow the various Star Trek series, much to the disagreement of many fans, I have always found ’Voyager’ to be the best series next to the original show. Don’t ask me, why. It may be that the characters are just a bit more colorful, the worlds and encounters just a bit more interesting and that maybe the series itself doesn’t take itself so entirely serious as, say ’The Next Generation.’

With this second season box set, Paramount Home Entertainment once again delivers a spectacular version of the show that immediately makes you forget about the shoddy cable quality you may have experienced it in before. Meticulously rendered colors that leap off the screen, an immaculate level of detail that gives the picture a richness that was previously unseen and blacks that are absolutely solid and deep, make this Voyager set a sight for sore eyes once again. Skin tones are naturally rendered and everything in the picture is well-balanced. No edge-enhancement is evident and the compression is absolutely without flaws.

The DVD comes with a remixed 5.1 channel Dolby Digital audio track that adds immensely to the show’s atmosphere. With a wide sound filed, surround usage is aggressive and virtually constant. Music cues are placed wide in the sound stage, sound effects are engaged from all directions and dialogues are firmly rooted. The presentation has a very good bass extension and clear high ends.

As with all other star Trek box sets, Paramount has once again added a good number of extras to this release in the same fashion. These extras consist of a series of featurettes covering various aspects of the production and particular characters – typically a different principal character in each season box set. One of the great featurettes on this set is ’A Day in the Life of Ethan Phillips’ which gives you a good feel for what it’s like to work on the show.

Some featurettes also cover the technical end of the show, such as the special effects as well as the scientific end of things. You’ll also find a photo gallery on this release.

Once again, Paramount delivers what fans want to get out of such a box set. Nicely put together and presented in the best possible quality, ’Star Trek Voyager: Season 2’ is once again a must-have for every fan!