Lamb Of God: Terror And Hubris

Lamb Of God: Terror And Hubris (2003)
Sony Music

No other band in recent heavy metal history has captured my attention and undying devotion faster than Lamb of God. The band’s current release, ’As the Palaces Burn’, is deadly concoction of blistering guitar riffs, throaty growls and rapid-fire drumming that relentlessly attacks the listener like a pit-bull on crack. What separates Lamb of God from the rest of the heavy metal pack, however, is a little something called structure, an approach to songwriting that has been lacking in the metal genre since 90’s-era Pantera. Lamb of God understands the power of a tightly structured song and they perform each one as if it were the last. It’s this passion, devotion and attention to detail that creeps out of every Lamb of God song and into the listener’s psyche to stir the mighty force of inspiration. Lamb of God isn’t something you hear. It’s something you feel.
On January 13, the band released ’Terror & Hubris’ a modestly-priced DVD packed with 13 chapters and 9 extras, including live performances taken from this year’s Hellfest and New England Hardcore and Metal Festival. Interviews with the group and individual members, two Lamb of God videos, assorted promo videos and uncensored self-recorded behind-the-scenes material also grace the disc.
In a nutshell, ’Terror & Hubris’ is a first-rate introduction to Lamb of God’s brand of ’Pure American Metal.’ While there isn’t a ton of material to sift through, the quality of the concert footage and interviews is thoughtful, engrossing and informative.
In one noteworthy live segment, Lamb of God front man D. Randall Blythe instantly garners the full attention of his unruly audience to unleash a well-timed, Braveheart-style mosh pit. It’s an image that’ll stick with you well after it’s over. Yes, it is that fucking cool.
’Terror & Hubris’ also delves into the band’s history and their motivation to enter the overpopulated heavy metal arena. Matter-of-fact anecdotes detailing their formation, rise to the top and earnest surprised-at-success reactions only adds to Lamb of God’s appeal. The self-depreciating humor each band-member exudes is also living proof that you can make music that sounds like it was forged in the depths of hell and still find the time to unearth the same pair of shit-stained jeans that were ditched from a previous tour.

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