Dear God

Dear God (1996)
Paramount Home Video
Cast: Greg Kinnear, Tim Conway, Hector Elizondo, Laurie Metcalf, Maria Pitillo

While maybe not one of the greatest comedies ever made, Garry Marshall’s ’Dear God’ is nonetheless a wonderful fell good movie that shows us that sometimes there is good in people, especially when given the right opportunity.

In ’Dear God’ Greg Kinnear plays Tom Turner a con-artist who has the choice to either go to jail or to work. He chooses work and ends up in the Dead Letter Office of his Local Post Office. There he notices the large number of letters addressed to God, and eaten up by curiosity he reads one of these letters, the plea of a poor single mother desperately in need for some money. Tom wraps up a little ’miracle’ in an envelope and sends it to her. As his fellow workers learn about this they are amazed at the concept and quickly a whole clandestine operative team is built to perform miracles. While most of them do it because the ywant to help, Tom is only waiting for people to send money to God for specific miracles, money that he would, of course, put to more personal use. But as the media take an interest in the ’God Squad’ their work comes under increasing pressure, especially since despite its helpful nature, it is in fact borderline illegal.

Paramount is presenting ’Dear God’ in its widescreen version on this DVD in a transfer that is enhanced for 16×9 TV sets. The image is very clean and clear throughout, without as much as a trace of speckles or blemishes. Colors are strong and vibrant and black levels are solid, creating an image with deep, solid shadows. No edge-enhancement is evident and the compression is also without flaws.

Audio is presented in English and French in dynamic tracks that make good use of the surround channels. Dialogues are well-integrated and never drowned out and the sound effects and ambient effects are nicely integrated in the wide sound field. No extras are found on the disc.

If you are looking for a funny and heart-warming movie, ’Dear God’ is a great choice. It is well played and with stars such as Kinnear, Tim Conway, Hector Elizondo, Laurie Metcalf and Maria Pitillo, the film has a wonderfully quirky line-up of characters that add color and nuances to the story. I greatly enjoyed ’Dear God’ for some light-hearted fun, and I am sure so will you.