Rescue Heroes: The Movie

Rescue Heroes: The Movie (2003)
Artisan Entertainment
Extras: Bonus Episodes, Team Profiles

Based on the TV series ’Rescue Heroes, ’ Artisan is now delivering the first full-length movie, starring the action rescue heroes from the show. It tells the story how the heroes have to work together to find out what causes terrible electrical storms around the globe which devastate countless regions of the Earth. Constantly at work rescuing people there just doesn’t seem enough time in a day, but these guys wouldn’t be superheroes, if they were a bit more capable than the rest of us.

The look of the show is a mixed bag as it uses some strange cel-rendered look that gives the characters a look between a cartoon character and a 3D model. It sort of works – though it could be done much better – but I’m sure your kids won’t complain. The story of the film is engaging and exciting and features solid voice acting.

Artisan is presenting ’Rescue Heroes’ in its original fullscreen presentation. The image is clean and clear and free of defects. Edges are sharply defined and without edge-enhancement and colors are rich and saturated. There is a bit of shimmering evident in the picture, but most of the times it seems to be a problem with the high contrast source material and not the DVD encoding.
The audio on the DVD comes as an adequate Dolby Digital track with a natural frequency response and dynamic range, as well as cool surround usage.

As extras on the disc you can also find two additional TV episodes from the show as well as as team profiles, featuring the main characters.

All in all ’Rescue Heroes’ is a fun film for your youngsters. It is much richer and diverse than the brief TV episodes and allows for more character. If you’re children enjoy the TV show there’s no question that they will jump up and down when you decide to bring home the full-length movie.