Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl (1994)
First Independent Pictures
Cast: Tim Poole, Danielle Sanderson, Margot Steinberg
Extras: Commentary Track, Scene Comparison, Gallery, Trailers

I think we all have these feelings and fears what would haven if we were thrown into a situation in which we are entirely powerless. Helplessly at the hands of fate or other people. It is this exact fear in all of us that ’Boy Meets Girl’ plays on very successfully, creating a very dark tapestry of images of abuse, torture and violence. The story starts out very simple, adding to the menace of the subject. A man picks up a woman and they decide to go back to her apartment for a little tête-a-tête – or so he believes. Once there however, the woman drugs him and when the man awakes he finds himself strapped to a chair. Thus begins a nightmare of torture for the man that he would have never envisioned.

What may sound like a cheap little exploitation flick, actually turns out to be a very artfully created movie that knows exactly where to put the finger in order to achieve the maximum effect without relying on high production values. With carefully crafted images and a scary plot, ’Boy Meets Girl’ sometimes feels like a documentary than a feature film, that is as frightening as it is shocking, and is definitely not for the squeamish.

Unearthed films is presenting ’Boy Meets Girl’ in its original fullframe aspect ratio on this DVD. The image is a bit grainy as a result of the movie’s limited budget, but never distractingly so. The film has strong contrasts – which the filmmakers use to very good effect to create his stark imagery – with blacks that are absolutely solid and good highlights. Color reproduction is faithful and natural, creating a reproduction of the film that looks very faithful. The transfer is free of edge-enhancement or compression artifacts.

The DVD contains a commentary track by director Ray Brady – who also co-wrote and co-produced the film. The track is full of insights and interesting information about the production and other aspects of the film, including its purposes and intents. If you liked the film you will definitely want to also take a shot at the commentary.

A section on the DVD is also included, which puts rehearsal footage right next to the final scenes in the film to see how they evolved. A Photo Gallery and a trailer section are also included, as well as the movie’s script.

’Boy Meets Girl’ is a bizarre film in many ways, but it is much more accessible than you may expect. It is frightening and certainly an unearthed gem for fans of this sort of exploitation horror.