Brutes AndSavages

Brutes AndSavages (1977)
Synapse Films
Extras: Trailer, Expedition Diary

Creating shocking films around ’death’ to cash in on the controversy they created has been sort of a sport in the late 70s. Whether it was ’Faces of Death, ’ ’The Mondo Cane’ films or ’Brutes And Savages, ’ they all have one thing in common. They are utterly ineptly put together pseudo-documentaries that have an appeal only to the morbid. Out of all these films, ’Brutes And Savages’ is clearly one of the most ridiculous ones. The footage is so fake that it borders on the laughable sometimes, despite its cruel premises. Death-defying adventures and ’law of the jungle’ have very little to do with this hokey piece of trash.

The film is presented in a fullframe aspect ratio on this DVD. The elements are of varying quality and given the film’s age and virtually non-existent budget, it is hardly surprising that the presentation looks mediocre at best, despite Synapse’s efforts to clean it up and make it look as good as possible. Colors are washed out at times and black levels vary, creating an image that changes quality at random.

The audio on the DVD is the original mono track. Some slight sibilance and distortion is evident occasionally but for the most part the audio is clean and clear.

The DVD also contains the movie’s trailer and director Arthur Davis’ ridiculously fictional expedition diary that is as primitive as the cultures he is visiting.

’Brutes And Savages’ is nothing for anyone but those who take pleasure in animal mutilation and torture – which the film features a lot of – or with a morbid interest in seeing idiotic bloodshed under the cloak of being pseudo-documentarian. Sorry, as much as I like and respect the folks over at Synapse, but this film is just tasteless and outright stupid.