The Simpsons: The Complete Third Season

The Simpsons: The Complete Third Season (1991)
20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Extras: Commentaries, Trivia, Outtakes, Commercials, Storyboards and more

Keeping up with the tradition established in the previous box sets, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment is brining us ’The Simpsons: The Complete Third Season’ in a great-looking 4-disc box set that contains the 24 episodes of the season complemented by great extras, such as audio outtakes, storyboards, a commentary trac kfor every episode, Sketches, Songs, Shorts and promo spots, and so much more.

Presented in its original fullframe aspect ratio, ’The Simpsons’ is a pleasure to watch on DVD. Colors are rich and vibrant, and the edges are well delineated with bold strokes and good highlights. Overall quality fo the presentation is very good without distracting defects or blemishes, though occasionally you may be able to spot a bit of slight artifacting from the compression. Nothing too serious, though.

The audio on the release is also very good, presented as a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital mix and optional Dolby Surround versions in French and Spanish. The dialogue is of the show is always well produced and has an immediacy that is nicely reproduced on this DVD release.

The extras on the release are of top quality and there are lots o fthem. It will take you some time go through everything ,and best of all the episodes all have a commentary track featuring Matt Groening and various members of the crew. But also the trivia game and other extras are a rich addition to the box set, making it very complete. Just the way fans love it.

You just can’t go wrong with ’The Simpsons’ box sets, apart from the great feature presentation and cool extras, they also contain liner notes, printed episode guides, phenomenally well done menus and Easter Eggs. It’s a no-brainer, so if you’re a fan of the show, go and get this box set. You won’t regret you did.