The Animatrix

The Animatrix (2003)
Warner Home Video
Extras: Featurettes, Commentary Tracks

Further exploring the world of ’The Matrix, ’ Warner home Video’s release of ’The Animatrix’ gives viewers the chance to see, learn and experience more of the world that made the movies they are based on such a success. ’The Animatrix’ is a collection of animated short films, each one with its unique and individual take on the subject matter. From the fully computer-generated ’Last Flight Of The Osiris,’ which has been brought to life by Square USA using the technology from the ’Final Fantasy’ movie, to films that are much more traditional anime, and anything in-between, the DVD contains 9 very cool and stylish episodes.

The 16×9 enhanced widescreen image of the DVD is absolutely free of defects or mars. No grain or noise, no bleeding and no edge-enhancement are evident. The colors are very rich and vivid throughout, and blacks are well balanced, creating deep and solid shadows. The compression is very good and the presentation is free of compression artifacts.

The disc contains 5.1 channel Dolby Digital tracks in English and Japanese, both of which are very well produced and are without flaws. Wide frequency response and powerful dynamics make sure the presentation always has plenty of punch to drive home the films.

The DVD also contains a series of bonus materials, such as Making-of documentaries for each of the films on the disc, as well as a segment on the history of Japanese anime. Four of the films even have a director’s commentary track, exploring the subject matter further. Trailers and biographies are also included.

’The Animatrix’ is a cool release for all fans of the ’Matrix’ movies, who want to get a bit deeper into the matter and the world. While the animated take is somewhat different from the movies, the essence remains the same, conjuring up mesmerizing visions of cyberpunk.