Egypt: Secrets Of The Pharaohs

Egypt: Secrets Of The Pharaohs (2002)
Warner Home Video
Extras: 30-minute Bonus Documentary “Mummies of Gold”

With ’Secrets Of The Pharaohs, ’ the National Geographic Society takes an excursion into Egypt, trying to uncover many of the myths and legends surrounding the ancient mysteries of old. It takes on question such as where the pyramids come from, how they were built, the secrets of mummification and their purpose, the treasures of the afterlife and countless others, exploring them in detail and with authority in a highly informative manner.

The DVD contains the presentation of the documentary in a fullscreen presentation. The image quality is good throughout with a stable and clean transfer that is free of defects and blemishes. Occasional grain is evident but it is a result of the source material and never becomes distracting. Colors are very naturally looking and faithfully reproduce the original locations and images captured by the National Geographics photographers for this production. No distracting edge-enhancement is evident and black levels are very well reproduced, creating good, solid shadows. The compression is free of artifacts, leaving all the details of the image intact.

The DVD contains a Stereo Dolby Digital audio track that is well produced. The frequency response is very natural with a good dynamic range, too.

As a bonus the DVD also contains ’Mummies of Gold,’ a 30-minute documentary that takes you to excavation sites and explores the difficult task of uncovering these ancient treasures from their tombs. It is a great addition to this release that further adds value and insight on the topic.

’Secrets Of The Pharaohs’ is a typical National Geographic release. It is of top quality and full of valuable information and astounding imagery that you just don’t find in very many other documentaries.