Kidsongs: Meet The Biggles

Kidsongs: Meet The Biggles (2002)
Image Entertainment
Extras: Previews

Continually expanding on their Kidsongs library, Image Entertainment has just released two new entries, ’Billy’s Birthday’ and ’Meet The Biggles.’ Unlike the majority of their competitors, ’Kidsongs’ releases do have pretty high production values and are of very high quality. With their new titles, the series even improves on that, now using custom sets that are rich and colorful, as well as beautiful to look at. Most importantly however ,the music, the performances, the dances and the kids are well produced and choreographed. As a matter of fact, ’Meet The Biggles’ features some of the most elaborate choreographies found on any of the series’ titles.

’Meet The Biggles’ is presented in its original fullscreen aspect ratio in a transfer that is absolutely clean and clear. It contains a very good level of detail that belies what is supposedly a video source. There is no chroma noise or color bleeding evident, while the colors are rich and vibrant throughout. The image is also free of edge-enhancement, and the compression is very good without compression artifacts, making this a great-looking release. This is what even kids-DVDs should look like in terms of technical quality.

The audio on the disc is a 5.1 channel Dolby Digital track that is well produced and makes good use of the surround channels for the music. The frequency response is good and the dynamic range is also adequate for the presentation. A good Dolby Surround track is also included on the disc.

The only supplements found on the disc are previews to other Kidsongs releases, which in a way expand the feature presentation by quite few minutes.

The ’Kidsongs’ releases are great musical discs that will cheer up you kids, make them jump up and down in joy, dance along with the other kids n the video, and sing along with the great tunes. The technical aspects of these releases are very good, making these almost reference releases for children’s entertainment on DVD.